Incredible Innovations In Technology That Will Surprise You:

This century has experienced a huge evolution in technology, and any high-tech of the day becomes something traditional tomorrow because of the fast renewable and continuous development of it. However, many people have begun to say that the human being will be called the digital human because of his continuous technology’s innovation in any field of life such as medicine, homework, transportation, military field and industrial domain.

To making of human life much easier as possible has been the main motivation for people to this race of innovations and technological development. Therefore, the technology’s innovations that you will discover in this article will make you think about the destiny and the future of human beings.

Flying Cars

Most of us have watched so many movies where the hero gets into his car and then it transforms to a flying car.Now this past imagination has turned into a reality, many car companies, engineers and innovators have accomplished this dream. However, the price of this invention is high and a little more expensive. Yet, the flying cars are still unavailable to be used by anyone.

The Sea Bubble: A Water Taxi

The pollution is a strongly spreading problem in all the industrial cities, and the transportation is one of the biggest causes of it. Therefore, in the last years all the world is searching and working on ecological transportation that are zero-emission vehicles.

Under this desire, a group of some French and Swedish inventors have built a taxicab that floats above the water and powered by the solar energy. This cab can support five people and reach 30km/h in speed, and it is now under-test.

Smart In-Ear Device

Many people could have a friend or business associate who talks in a different language, so to communicate with each other they need a translator. Therefore, a young man has invented an ear piece that when put in the air of both speakers, translates instantly their talk and allows them to communicate in real-time without a need of translator or to learn a united language.

This invention can be the best solution for those who want to marry someone without having the same language, and this is the reason which was the motivation behind this technology’s invention.

The Best Virtual Assistant And Girlfriend For Your Loneliness

Many tech users are looking for the best virtual assistants or friends to discuss with them, to do the tasks that they want or to have someone who can save them from loneliness. Thus, a Japanese company has invented a virtual character that is designed in a transparent bottle to react as a magic object and a cute girlfriend that gives you the feeling of talking to a human being, her name is Azuma Hikari.

She can do many things as waking up her friend user in the morning, text him to ask about his conditions and the time of his return, and to welcome him after his comeback to home with a big and cute enthusiasm.