3 Free Software Programs That Are A Must For Any Business Owner

Businesses are tough, and an entrepreneur should always be ready to handle and cross all roadblocks that might come in the way. Limited resources and manpower along with tight budgets prove to be the major hurdle for every business owner.

And this is when technology comes to the rescue. Today, there are various apps, tools, and software that not only aim to double your productivity, but also save time and boost your ROI. Here are 3 free software programs that are a must for any and all business owner for maximum efficiency and profit.

  1. Instagram

Social media and marketing go in hand. Social media has always been an effective and easy way for marketing. Instagram is one of the most commonly and widely used photos and picture sharing mobile app. But with the new Instagram desktop feature, you can use your Instagram on your desktop for easier and superior marketing. The Instagram desktop make it easier than the smartphone version when it comes to marketing techniques. With the Instagram desktop version, you can easily market your products in the form of pictures or post to a wide range of young and like minded people with ease and for no cost.

  1. Accounting software

Accounting is an important part of running a good and strong business. And it is no doubt that the technology and computers can help us a lot in this field. There is an array of free accounting software that comes with a wide range of features and specification. These are designed to satisfy all your accounting needs. Some of the more widely used software program includes Gnucash, Money manager Ex, TurboCASH and various others.

  1. Inventory management software

Inventory management is also an important part of running a business. It is always important to keep track of all the items and goods that you have in your inventory. Technology has a solution for this as well. With inventory management software like inFlow inventory, POS Maid, and the likes, it has become easy and effortless to keep track of your entire inventory and replenish them when required. These software and applications are equipped with various smart features which would help you in running your business better.

Over to You

A successful businessman is one who utilizes all the resources available at his disposal to their fullest. This is how one can achieve an edge in this competitive and tough world. The improvements and advancements in technology have allowed almost any business to turn into a global and digital one.

Social media applications like Instagram and Facebook can also go a long way in helping you making your product and company reach a wide audience.

What all free software programs do you use to boost your business’s productivity and how far has it helped? Do let us know in the comments!